Windbound Video Review – A Gentle Breeze With Not So Gentle Consequences

Windbound Video Review

Many games have taken clear inspiration from the exciting and experimental leap forward that Breath of the Wild took from the classic Legend of Zelda series. Whether through art design or new gameplay ideas, the clear and present homage to its effort has appeared in a number of upcoming games, yet Windbound in particular has captivated peoples imagination. Taking the dynamic aesthetic of Breath of the Wild with the seafaring nature of Wind Waker and some basic survival mechanics, what’s not to love about the game? Much like the tide it has its ups and downs, but overall Windbound presents calming experience with an ever present need to progress – for your own good. Not sure just what that means? Check out our full video review below.

Windbound is a third person adventure survival game with strong crafting mechanics. Players awaken washed up on a small island and must use their wits and experience as a hunter to gather supplies, forage for food, and craft a seaworthy vessel to race from island to island and find your way back to your tribe. The game features a limited inventory and food that will spoil, so managing the available spots between food and crafting materials is vital to survival. The game makes sure to offer ample supply of the basic materials to craft a canoe, but to enhance your raft into something more complex will take a lot of practice and knowledge. With fantastic water mechanics and gorgeous detail, Windbound mainly falters in clunky combat and a lack of core gameplay instructions.


Windbound is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. For more information check out the game’s official website.