Wild Hearts Video Review – Hunting With the Best

Wild Hearts Video Review

At first glance, yes, this game does look like Monster Hunter. However, that would be an oversimplification. There are similarities, but if you put aside your presumptions about Wild Hearts, you will find parts of the game that stand out from others in the genre.

The monsters that players will be hunting are called Kemono. They are creatures that take on forms inspired by local animals, like warthogs or apes. Kemono will also often be imbued with elemental powers for players to contend with.

Wild Hearts

Your journey will take you through four different areas of the game, each inspired by a different season. One of the biggest features that sets Wild Hearts apart from other monster hunting games is the traversal. Players can build structures called Karakuri. Not to compare it to another other game, but think the building in Fortnite.

Both Karakuri and useable weapons options are vast. However, selections for both at the beginning of the game is limited. As you play through the campaign, you will unlock more and more weapons and buildable contraptions for hunting Kemono.

The art design in Wild Hearts is also a fresh flavor for a hunting game. The style leans more into realism, taking inspiration from feudal Japan. The Kemono also have unique designs and very detailed textures.

If you are a Monster Hunter fan looking for something familiar, yet fresh, you should check out Wild Hearts.

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