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Trials Rising Video Review

Trials Rising is a continuation of the long-running Trials series (which last earned a main title in 2014 with Trials Fusion) that centers around 2.5D physics racing. The gameplay revolves around the player and their motorcycle (these need to stay together or bad things will definitely happen) traversing obstacle courses set in a variety of fantastical settings. But these are just the facts: how does it play? And more importantly, is it….good? Our video review below has, if not all the answers, enough to satisfy anyone dying to know the secrets of Trails Rising.

Some good news, right? There’s not too much wrong with this new entry in the title. Between the good-looking graphics and the great and diverse tracks, the fun multiplayer and tons of customization options, there’s not a lot to hate, especially if you’re a previous fan of the franchise. With so many bad games coming out this and every year, it’s nice to celebrate something fun to play. Hat’s off to you, Trials Rising.

Trials Rising

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