Trek to Yomi Video Review – Stylish Samurai Action

Trek to Yomi Video Review

If you were to describe Trek to Yomi in just one word, it would be “cinematic”. The angles of this 2.5D action game is meticulously framed every step of the way. While some cinematic games feel like video games that you watch, Trek to Yomi feels like a movie that you play.

In this game, you play as Hiroki, a young apprentice swordsman. After his village is attacked and his master killed, he sets out on a quest to avenge. Hiroki travels the Japanese countryside, killing the invaders who destroyed his village.


After cleaning up in Japan, Hiroki’s adventure takes him down a more supernatural path. He literally makes a trek to Yomi, a place in the afterlife. Hiroki seeks to reunite with his family and defeat the evil presence influencing land of the living.

The combat does not evolve very much throughout the game. The skills Hiroki picks up in the tutorial will carry him pretty far. To reach the end of the game, the player will just have to get better to master these skills. Most of the combat requires the use of Hiroki’s sword, but there are three other ranged weapons. There is the shuriken, bow, and blunderbuss.

The ranged weapons often falter however. The shuriken is quite weak, while the blunderbuss cannot be aimed. Though the bow can be often take enemies down in one hit, though it can be difficulty to fire on moving enemies in a bind.

Sometimes the movement can be clunky or difficult to do exactly what you want, but Trek to Yomi offers a refreshing experience in the action genre.

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