Will The Nintendo Switch Pro Be Underwhelming? Our Predictions

Nintendo Switch Pro Predictions

It’s a brand new year and yet the same old rumors of a new and improved Nintendo Switch are still running rampant. With the original model Switch coming up on 4 years on the market and the Switch Lite coming up on two years in fall 2021 there is a lot of speculation that we could expect to see a Nintendo Switch Pro. Although, it’s anyone’s guess as to what it would be called for real.

Nintendo Switch on red background

So while many are trying to figure out if it’s going to actually release sometime this year, the guys at Press X To Podcast – Rhett, Paul, and James – have decided to go one step further. They’re wondering if the Switch Pro is going to be worth the money or if it will be just plain underwhelming. What kind of predictions are they making about 2021 and what the year holds for this potential Switch Pro? And do they think Nintendo is able to make a device that’s a bit closer in technical prowess to the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5? Find out what they think in the latest Podcast video below.

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