Steelrising Video Review – The Souls of Paris

Steelrising Video Review

Steelrising drops players in a twisted, alternate late 18th century France. Where the game diverts from history a little is in its technological advances. The King of France has an army of literal killing machines he uses against his opponents. The perfect setting for Souls-like game.

You play as Aegis. She was designed to be the protector and entertainer of Marie Antoinette. Aegis is different from other automatons in that she is capable of speech and reason, making her sentient. Her origins and purpose give her a dance-y vocabulary of movements in battle.


Steelrising has a combat system inspired by what FromSoftware has perfected over the years. It also feels better than what other copies of the formula provide. Aegis can use light and heavy attacks in battle, but also has weapon-specific special attacks. While specific weapons are more useful against specific enemies, all can be used effectively depending on what you are comfortable with.

Players meet crucial political and scientific figures appropriate to the time. The facial animations do not quite measure up to other high caliber games. Voice acting and story, however are impressive and stand out as narrative elements.

The enemy design is quite inventive. They are all inspired by clock-like machinations, but still vary in movement and attacks. Steelrising has several accessibility options that make the game more approachable. Players can toggle on/off dropping resources on death, though some of these options disable achievements.

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