Toys-to-Life Isn’t Dead Yet, Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas Shines at E3 2018

Flying Around and Shooting in Starlink at E3 2018

Last year we were given a small teaser of what Ubisoft had planning in an attempt to revitalize the Toys to Life genre. With Skylanders crumbling, and Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity both calling it quits, it seemed like a dead genre, but Ubisoft seems to be one of those developers set on revitalization. Starlink: Battle for Atlas’ Toys to Life concept was announced last year, but this year we got to see just how the game actually plays. Many skeptics were worried it would be a gimmicky kids game, and instead from what we got to see this year it is far from child’s play. Check out our hands on gameplay below for a glimpse of what Starlink is all about.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a massive open world space shooter that borrows concepts from a few different notable games, including adding Toys to Life into the mix. Players will be able to seamlessly fly from space into a planets atmosphere much like No Mans Sky, and from there transition from flight to a hover mode while exploring the worlds surface. With boosting, jumping, and a variety of other options, players will explore the various worlds in an attempt to save Atlas from total destruction. The Toys to Life aspect is the most unique part of all, as a peripheral mounts the toy directly onto the controller itself. Players can select a pilot, ship body, wings, and weapons and interchange the parts as needed during gameplay, offering a huge variety of options. Those who have seen the parts up close have spoken highly of their detail and quality, meaning even just having these ships to display let alone their additional function is a big sell.

Starlink Battle for Atlas

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is set for release on October 16 of this year, and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch – who will exclusively get Starfox as a playable character alongside his Arwing. For more information, check out the game’s official website.