The Top 10 Most Gut-Wrenching Emotional Games of All-Time

The Top 10 Most Emotional Games Ever

The argument has been made time and again: Are video games truly an art form? Not only is art subjective to those who experience it, truly what defines art is something that is able to convey emotion in others through its experience. While video games today range across the broadest spectrum of human emotion – both in their portrayal and what they attempt to bring forth from you – it is important to remember that there are some games out there capable of leaving us truly broken and devastated.

Like a good story, there are games out there which can make us feel sad, depressed, longing, loneliness, and contentment. While not every game is going to deliver an impactful punch of raw humanity, there are some which go above and beyond and at the end of the game, as the credits roll, we sit dumbfounded and awestruck in a moment of contemplation at what we had just experienced. Even that description alone surely has left you remembering something you played which still resonates with you today. Here are the top 10 most emotional games ever, as defined by Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston on COGconnected’s Press X To Podcast.

These are the games which have stuck with us, that have shaped and defined the story-telling that video games are capable of. These are the experiences we can talk to our closest friends about with a small tremble in our voice and a weight in our chest. If the debate of video games as art were to rise again, feel free to share this video as an example of what games are capable of.

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