Rage 2 is 100% Banana Lands in Open World Exploration Video

Rage 2 Gameplay Videos

Rage 2 released just a few days ago, and we’ve been having a blast blowing stuff up and exploring the wasteland. While the game does not reinvent the wheel or do anything particularly unique in its open world execution, we were completely compelled nonetheless. One of the best parts is just driving around in the game and enjoying the world and the opportunities that pop up as you explore. To see some of our fun traversal of Rage 2’s open world, hit play on the video below.

As you drive around in Rage 2, side quest notifications inevitably pop up, and though they are frequent, they are not incredibly intrusive. You can drive with leisure and just get from Point A to Point B if you choose, or you can stop off and take care of a few bandit dens along the way if you choose. Either way, one of the most enjoyable parts of Rage 2 is zooming around the desert, destroying things as you please.

The game has a handful of side missions to keep busy with, and the main story campaign is only about 10-12 hours long. Most of them revolve around shooting mutants and grabbing loot, and the combat is extremely smooth. While gun choices are somewhat limited, some of the weapons, such as the Firestorm Revolver that lets you fire explosive slugs into your enemies and then detonate them at will, are super entertaining.

Rage 2

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