Quantum Break Video Review – Blurring the Lines of Entertainment

A game like Quantum Break is a rarity. Retail shelves and digital stores see tens, if not hundreds of new titles every month and when one of them pushes the boundaries of what we know then people take notice. When Remedy announced Quantum Break way back in 2013 it was almost immediately known that the game would be something special. The pedigree of Remedy Entertainment creating a game alongside the idea of an accompanying TV show was something that had never been tried before. To say that the bar was set high right out of the gate for this game is an understatement. I’m happy to be able to report that not only did it meet those high expectations, it very likely exceeded them. Does this mean that Quantum Break is without its issues? Absolutely not. What the game does right however, definitely outweighs anything it got wrong and the sheer ambition of this project has to count for something too.


Remedy has crafted a fine game that blurs the line between interactive and sedentary entertainment. The ambition to combine the two into something that is more than just a novelty, but a new avenue into the way we play games is to be commended. I had such a good time playing Quantum Break that I would welcome many more games to fall in its footsteps. A truly all-star cast deftly leads you on a well scripted journey that you get to take control of, and the results speak for themselves. Quantum Break is a gorgeous piece of work and was well worth the wait.