Press X To Podcast – Episode 3.3 – 30 Starving Crocodiles

Press X To Podcast – Episode 3.3

Press X To Podcast is back again and this time around the boys of COGconnected, Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Rhett Waselenchuk, have a lot to chat about. Now if you’ve been listening to the last few episodes you might know that Pokemon Shield and Sword have been a heavily featured topic of discussion. This episode is no different, although this time you’ll find the guys shooting the sh*t about just how easy the battles are. They may or may not take aim at Hop as well, because why not?

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In fact, you’re sure to find a crap ton of shade thrown in every direction in Episode 3.3, including that of the village people within Animal Crossing, Red Dead Online, expensive in-game goods and more. One thing that gets a ton of praise however, is Kentucky Route Zero. If you have yet to play it Paul might just convince you to give it a shot. Of course no episode of Press X To Podcast is complete without a few swear words, some random tidbits of information, both gaming related and not, as well as some hilarious shenanigans. So if you’re looking forward to all that Episode 3.3 has in store for you, or if you’re curious why the episode is titled 30 Starving Crocodiles, you can check it out below.

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