Press X To Podcast Double Feature – Episodes 18 and 19

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast Double Feature – Episodes 18 and 19

Welcome back one and all, COGconnected is once again presenting you with a double helping of Press X To Podcast! Up first for episode 18 is Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Trevor Houston as they discuss all things gaming including Paul getting dissected on the YouTube comments section for his review of State of Decay 2, James talks Fox and Forest, and the three of them tip toe around just how much they love God of War.

The group talks about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 reveal as well as its battle royale mode, Microsoft’s adaptive controller, and the unfortunate delays of Shenmue 3, Metro, and Skull and Bones. No Mans Sky is headed to Xbox, and Detroit: Become Human is just around the corner. All this and more – plus the Perfect List – is just a click away so scroll down and listen in to Press X To Podcast: Episode 18 – Just Put a Dick in the Sentence.

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And moving right along, Shawn Petraschuk finally returns to the cast alongside Paul Sullivan and Trevor Houston, bringing the team of original hosts back together. In episode 19’s extensive and lengthy cast, Shawn finished God of War and we are finally out of spoiler territory! The guys jump in depth into what they loved about the PS4 exclusive and its status as Game of the Year contender. Trevor played H1Z1 but far preferred the narrative driven Detroit: Become Human, and Shawn weighs in on letting games be games without having to be a social narrative on the real world.

The guys rip apart the tasteless game Active Shooter which appeared on Steam, and Shawn lets us know his insecurities about the potential of relations with androids! All this and more – plus the Perfect List – is just a click away, so make some popcorn and crack a cold one, it’s time to enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 19 – Android Boning 101.

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And there you have it! Episodes 18 and 19 are in the bag, what did you think? Got a burning question you want to ask the team? Have your own opinion on Paul’s review for State of Decay 2 or relations with androids? Send us an email and we will talk about it here on the air at Or if you are looking for a more relaxed setting with some like-minded gamers, why not check out our official Facebook page where you can talk to anyone from the Press X or COGconnected crew?

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