Nintendo Switch Lite: Unboxing and Comparison Video

Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing and Comparison

We’ve been expecting for a while that Nintendo would come out with a new model of their hybrid console, the Switch, for some time. With rival companies such as Sony and Microsoft frequently releasing new and improved models, it was bound to happen that Nintendo would follow suite with their own, less expensive option. What many gamers had hoped for was a more powerful, “docked only” model to run games like the Witcher 3 at higher frame rates and resolution, and instead what we received is the Switch Lite. It’s definitely been a talking point among gamers about the effectiveness/usefulness of a Nintendo Switch that can’t, well, switch, but at the very least before we give you our detailed impressions we can give you this delightful unboxing video and see how the console stacks up against the standard model Switch. See it below and let us know what you think.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the new, more wallet-friendly edition of Nintendo’s behemoth hybrid console which has taken gaming by storm. Costing $100 USD less than the standard model, the Lite is designed to function only in handheld mode and does not have removable Joy-Con controllers. The device is built most likely with small children in mind, similar to the concept behind the 2DS after Nintendo’s highly successful 3DS, as this cheaper model appears more durable but comes with a not-insignificant list of drawbacks. It can only play games that are available in handheld mode and do not require any of the Joy-Cons functionality, offering no motion control or camera function. It cannot be used with the dock to play on the TV, and it does not offer the HD Rumble. It does, however, boast a longer battery life, but is that enough to save this handheld device? Time will tell.

Nintendo Switch Lite

For more information on the Nintendo Switch Lite, check out the official website, complete with technical comparison between the models, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our in-depth coverage of the console as a whole.