Four Awesome Things About Link’s Awakening on Switch

Four Awesome Things About Link’s Awakening on Switch Video

The much-anticipated remake of Link’s Awakening releases on the Switch in just a few days, and we’ve been exploring the beautifully reimagined¬†Koholint Island from top to bottom. Before we release our full review, we put together a list of four awesome things about Link’s Awakening on the Switch. Click play on the video below to see the features we love the most about the game so far.

One of our favorite things about the remake of Link’s Awakening on the Switch is, of course, the graphics. The adorable aesthetics catch your eye immediately, and the graphics are absolutely remarkable. While you will notice a drop in frame rates on the console every once in a blue moon, this is far from significant in comparison to how fantastic the game looks in almost every other moment.

We also can’t get enough of the soundtrack. The beautiful, orchestral score doesn’t demand your attention at every single moment, but it blends in well with the gameplay and is a nicely executed revamp of the original Gameboy soundtrack.

The controls are another thing we love about Link’s Awakening on the Switch. Instead of the classic system where you have to constantly select and switch different tools and weapons in order to use them, you can simply use them. You no longer have to choose between a sword and a torch, you can just wield them on demand. It’s a great update to a somewhat outdated system, and we love the simplicity of it.

The final thing we love about the game is its length. It’s relatively short and can be completed in a maximum of 20 hours. Sure, most RPGs get knocked these days if they aren’t never-ending expanses of complicated crafting systems and advanced skill trees, but hell, we have jobs to get to and families to spend time with! We love that we can actually complete the game in a reasonable time and still enjoy all it has to offer.

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