NHL 20 Video Review – Better Than a Storm Surge Celly

NHL 20 Video Review

You might be skeptical to think there is yet another entry into EA’s NHL franchise, and maybe you are right to roll your eyes a little. Sports games have yearly releases and many fans feel they get the best bang for the buck by waiting a few years and then jumping into the franchise again. Should you decide to do that here with NHL 20, you might be kicking yourself in the end. This isn’t just another example of a few minor tweaks and a fresh paint job. NHL 20 has some surprisingly good new content, and if you love hockey, you’ll want to check out our full video review below to find out what you can expect.

NHL 20 amps up the previous games with completely redesigned graphics for more authentic movement and actions, as well as complex new AI – particularly on the part of the goalie. Should goalies find themselves in 2 on 1 situations, the goalie will recognize the position of both players and adapt accordingly. EA has pushed to make NHL 20 the closest to a real hockey simulation as possible, and they have done so with fantastic detail. The new CHEL challenge system offers weekly challenges that feel approachable without being outlandishly difficult, and legends of hockey even have their own signature styles programmed into the game. With hundreds of customization options including hoodies, jerseys, and even gear signed by legends themselves, NHL 20 is the first step towards a truly immaculate hockey simulation and has set the bar for future hockey games to meet on the ice.

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NHL 20 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, for more information check out the game’s official website.