Metal Hellsinger Gameplay Demo Slaps

Metal Hellsinger Gameplay

If we have learned anything from action games or movies, it is that music makes you fight better. It also makes you look cooler. However, did you know that you can do more damage if you fight to the beat of the music? Not many experiences highlight that indisputable fact, but Metal Hellsinger does.

We recently played Metal Hellsinger and frankly, it slays. It plays kind of like Doom. You run around in Hell and blast demons with guns. There is also a sort of metronome around your reticle, which is synced with the music, which we established helps you fight better.

If you shoot, attack, or dash along with the music, your score and score multiplier increases. Like other rhythm games, timing your actions perfectly gives you more points. When enough damage is done to an enemy, you can unleash a powerful finisher at close range.

During the demo we see two weapons in action. There is a shotgun and dual pistols. Hopefully, the full game will give players a wider variety of weapons to use. Being a game set in Hell, where you shoot demons, the music is going to lean into the heavy metal influence and imagery, which I very much enjoy.

During this demo, we can listen to two tracks. One of them appears to be reserved for a specific boss battle. The full game will have a much more expansive tracklist, which includes music from artists from bands like Arch Enemy and Lamb of God. More recently, Serj Tankian has included music for Metal Hellsinger.

Thank you for keeping it locked on COGconnected.

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