Luigi’s Mansion 3 Video Review – Spooky Good Times

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Video Review

How long has it been since we’ve gotten to step into the shoes of the Mushroom Kingdom’s favourite underdog? Far too much, without a doubt. Luigi’s back with his latest spectral spectacle in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Serving as a sort of skillful mix of the first two titles, it appears that Nintendo has mostly shaken off the cobwebs with this entry. Oozing atmosphere, along with a bit of Gooigi, fans are sure to enjoy what’s on display here. You may not be afraid of no ghosts, but why not peep our video review for our full thoughts?

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Luigi and friends are off on a vacation to the ominously named Last Resort Hotel. Things turn sour quick, and once again the majority of the crew is imprisoned in paintings, a nice nod to the original Luigi’s Mansion way back in the Gamecube days. By no choice of his own, our veritably verdant scaredy cat is off, vacuum in hand, to bust all kinds of ghosts and free his friends. Thankfully, Lugii’s not on his own either, as E. Gadd is as excited as Luigi is spooked to get more ghostly research done. Old enemies return, but there are a ton of fantastically creative ghosts to wrangle, each presented in their own way. Our reviewer may have been too spooked to fully finish the game due to past traumas, but rest assured that this is a welcome return to form for a series that many Nintendo fans were chomping at the bit for.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 isn’t quite available just yet, but it will be ready to spook your socks off on October 31st. It’s available only on Nintendo Switch, but if you want more info, you can stroll on over to the game’s official site for more devilish details.