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Live A Live Video Review

The year is 1994 and a new RPG comes out in Japan. This game is Live A Live. It will not be another 28 years until this game is remade and finally made available in outside of this country. Now, Nintendo Switch owners can play this classic.

Live A Live has an interesting premise. There are seven different chapters to play, each with a different protagonist in a different era of time. Each chapter is isolated, with it’s own unique story. Players can start any of them or switch between them at any point.

Live A Live Review

After completing them all, each protagonist is drawn to the same point in time for an ultimate showdown with the boss, who is actually one of the playable characters. As with many JPRGs, you may have to do some level-grinding during you playthrough of the chapters. There may be some places where being under-leveled might prevent you from progressing. Thankfully, you can restart chapters and they are relatively short.

Gameplay includes turn-based combat in a tiled environment. Outside of combat, players can move around in larger areas. There are random encounters, but some enemies can be avoided, though there are many scripted battles to be fought.

The different settings and stories offer a ton of visual variety. Even though JRPGs do not often benefit from English voice overs, the voice acting is also commendable.

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