Stray Gameplay – First 25 Minutes

Stray Gameplay

This game has been occupying the thoughts of gamers for the past week. There is something about it that just scratches us in just the right spot. If you have been sitting on this game, check out the very beginning of Stray to see what you are missing.

What cat-lovers love about this game, other than cats, is the way it captures the movements and behaviors of a real cat. From graceful leaps to scratching objects to incessant meowing, Stray is THE cat game.


The game starts with our cat travelling with its cat-pack through an overgrown part of a city. While jumping from place to place, the cat slips and gets separated from its friends. In a tragic “Long live the king” moment, it falls into an abandoned sewer. The cat soon finds itself in the Dead City, where it finds mysterious clues leading it someone in need of help.

After encountering a strange group of parasites, the stray is chased through the streets of the city until it finds itself climbing through buildings and across rooftops. There are some puzzles that may be too complicated for the average cat, but cats have a habit of getting places where they shouldn’t.

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