The Last Guardian Video Review – Emotional, Beautiful, Frustrating

The Last Guardian Video Review

If you’ve ever waited an extended period of time for anything in your life you’ll know that the longer you wait the higher your expectations will rise. It makes sense then that a lot was expected of Fumito Ueda and JAPAN Studios’ The Last Guardian. A near 10-year cycle from announcement to release, the game had a lot of people really worked up to finally get their hands on it. The obvious question is did it live up to the hype? In some ways, it absolutely did, in others not so much. It’s a beautiful piece of art with a compelling narrative that suffers serious issues in terms of camera and control. You can feel free to check out our written review but if listening and seeing is your preferred method we’ve got you covered. Have a look at our video review for The Last Guardian.

The review was handled by our Executive Editor Shawn Petraschuk and he summed up his experience saying, “If you can go into The Last Guardian with an understanding that its most important piece is the story of the boy and Trico then you will adore it. If you’re the type to trumpet gameplay over narrative no matter what then you’ll have a hard time forgiving this game its plethora of quirks. Regardless of The Last Guardian’s AAA billing, it’s very much a niche game that’s not for everyone but I feel that those of you who choose to spend time with it will undoubtedly be pulled in by its magic.”

The Last Guardian Top Screen

It might be hard for some people to forgive the game its plethora of quirks and for that, we probably can’t blame you. It really shouldn’t have happened with a game that saw this much development time. If you can manage to look past it, though, you’re set to experience one of the most heartfelt and engaging narratives in some time.