Iron Man VR Video Review – A Virtual Dream Come True

Iron Man VR Video Review

It is without question that Iron Man is one of the most recognizable and admired heroes in Marvel Comics. The man who has it all that learns to be humble and uses his vast wealth and knowledge for good. Ever since his introduction into the MCU, we’ve all dreamed at one point of donning the suit and taking to the sky to feel like an absolute badass, and when Iron Man VR was announced our collective, childish skipped a beat in eager anticipation. At this point we have a certain expectation for VR games. We know they won’t quite be what we are hoping for with the current technology, but still, it’s Iron Man! Putting on the iconic red and gold armor is a dream we can finally achieve, but if you really want to know how this game stacks up you should check out our full video review below.

Iron Man VR lets us live out our dream of flying through the sky as Tony Stark and battling evil like only the billionaire playboy philanthropist can. While not necessarily visually impressive, it does an okay job of giving us exactly what we need to enjoy the experience. While the story could have offered us something more significant, it really only serves as a medium to move the gameplay forward without investing heavily in a narrative beyond “Hey look! I’m Iron Man!” The controls are thankfully quite minimal and easy to grasp, putting little reliance on the face buttons and instead imitating the actions of Iron Man for his various tools and weapons. The game offers a short glimpse into what it might be like to pilot the Iron Man suit and in that experience alone, it absolutely excels. There could have been a little more care taken to expand the narrative or create more interactive options both at his mansion and during the frequent loading screens, but in the end if you are a fan of the Marvel franchise this is a VR title you simply cannot pass up.

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