Halo 3 is Silky Smooth But Showing Its Age on PC at High Resolutions

Halo 3 PC Campaign Gameplay – The Storm

It has been 13 years since Halo 3 first launched and fans still can’t get enough of the iconic Spartan. The Master Chief Collection has been running strong on Xbox One and the iconic third entry into the franchise has finally made its way in all its remastered glory to PC. We bring to you just a snippet of Halo 3’s campaign where our very own Garrett Drake jumps into the action and puts that Spartan armor to good use. Check out our gameplay footage below.

Halo 3 continues the story set in motion during Halo: Combat Evolved and through Halo 2, starting in the thick of the action. Allied with the Arbiter and the UNSC, Chief must find away to overcome the Covenant and Flood once and for all. Halo 3 brings with it the core mechanics of the previous entries in the series featuring FPS and vehicle combat as well as offering players the opportunity to dual wield certain weapons. It also introduces the option to equip gear such as deployable shields or flares. Halo 3 also introduces the Forge, a map editing tool to custom build or alter existing multiplayer maps for the game – a feature no doubt extensively utilized given Halo 3’s ferocious multiplayer community which is still heavily active to this day.

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Adding Halo 3 as a remastered edition to the PC port of The Master Chief Collection will no doubt see the modding community have a field day creating all manner of ingenious maps and experiences while running around in full Spartan armor and blasting the Flood to oblivion. Are you excited to jump back into Halo 3? Have you already been playing it in the Master Chief Collection? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.