Immortals Fenyx Rising Video – 5 Essential Tips For Beginning Your Journey

Immortals Fenyx Rising – Essential Tips

The Golden Isle is full of content. Whether you are solving puzzles, fighting mythical beasts or soaring through the skies, there is plenty to do in Ubisoft’s latest epic, Immortals Fenyx Rises. With so much on offer, players can easily feel overwhelmed, but fear not, as we here at COGconnected have got you covered with 5 essential tips to begin your journey.

immortals fenyx rising

With exploration at the game’s heart, it’s easy to wonder off in random directions to see what treasures you’ll encounter. Although this is part of the game’s charm, doing this throughout may mean you miss collectables, vaults and other goodies. So, how are you going to see the whole of the Golden Isle and get the most of this thrilling title? It’s simple really, just watch the video below, follow our 5 essential tips and you’ll be standing amongst the Greek Gods in no time!

Immortals Fenyx Rises is available now and you can read our full review here and our guide here. Want to see more? Check out our Youtube channel for more footage from the Golden Isle where we take down mythical beasts with legendary gear! Have you explored Ubisoft’s gorgeous new IP yet? Do you have any more tips that may help beginners on their epic adventure? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on Youtube for more great video game content!