Immortals Fenyx Rising: 5 Essential Tips To Start Your Journey

5 Beginner Tips for Immortals Fenyx Rising

So you’ve decided to set out into the rich and colorful world of Immortals Fenyx Rising. This love letter to Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the biggest surprises of the year with its charming narrative, quick and varied combat skills, and overall thoroughly enjoyable gameplay. Much like any other Ubisoft outing, it’s a big open world out there which means there is a ton to see and do. How do you get started? By checking out our top 5 tips of course! Here are 5 tips to starting your epic quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

5. Scan the Horizon

One of the first things you’ll learn in the game is how to switch to first person mode and look around from a vantage point. You can jump into this feature at any time, and while you may be tempted to run around in this incredibly playground to your hearts content, there is something to be said for taking a moment to check your beautiful surroundings. This particularly feature lets you see through solid objects and across great distances, vibrating the controller until you spot whatever hidden goodies there may be and tag them. Whether they happen to be Ambrosia, treasure chests, dungeons, puzzles, or all manner of locations to hop to, you’ll only have them cemented on your map when you see them through your own eyes. It can be a bit of a double-edged sword (no one wants to miss something!) but it’s also a moment to take a breath and appreciate the fantastic art of the game. You can also conveniently drop waypoint pins from this screen!

4. Explore Everything

This may be an open world, but it is one absolutely packed to the brim with enemies to slay, stories to uncover, and treasure to be found! Just because you have a main quest line to follow, doesn’t mean you can’t stray off the path and explore; you are an adventurer after all, right? Immortals Fenyx Rising is absolutely packed with dungeons, puzzles, treasures, enemies, and all kinds of things to see and do. There are even a number of side quests that will only pop up once you reach a certain location and the narration between Zeus and Prometheus alone is worth finding out what they have to say. Ubisoft has made plenty of open world games in the past that often feel like there is some wasted space for the sake of space, but here you’ll find nothing but adventure at every turn.

3. Pick-Up What Isn’t Nailed Down

While you are running around slaying monsters and becoming a hero of legend, you will absolutely encounter a number of plants and ingredients along the way. Whether its four kinds of Adamantine shard used for upgrading your gear, Ambrosia, Pomegranate, Flower Nectar, Blue Mushrooms, or Olympian Figs, these can all be found in abundance and are absolutely vital elements to the game. Picking them up costs you absolutely nothing, and the last four on that list are needed to craft potions for health, armor, stamina, and strength respectively. I don’t often use buffing items in games but Immortals Fenyx Rising not only makes it useful, but easy and effective. There also doesn’t seem to be a cap of how many ingredients you can carry, and you never know when you’ll need to use up a half dozen potions in a particularly difficult fight. I also highly recommend getting the Telekinesis Gathering ability early on. Not only will you only have to pick up a single item and all items on screen will immediately come to you, but when riding on horseback it will pick them up without even having to press a button!

2. Upgrade Often

This is one you won’t need to worry about forgetting as it will remind you plenty of times (I couldn’t find a way to turn it off!) Fenyx has a lot of ways to be upgraded: greater weapons, greater armor, new abilities, enhanced god powers, carrying capacity, etc. Each of these will cost the various forms of Adamantine you collect, and each time you have enough to grow stronger you’ll get a notification. You can even enhance your health and stamina with Ambrosia and Zeus’s Lightning as well. It’s a smart move to head to the Hall of the Gods and snag those upgrades as soon as you can, you might need that little extra oomph to keep going. I also greatly appreciate that when approaching a puzzle the game will warn you if you are missing a key upgrade to complete it. It also lets you know if you are approaching a difficult enemy or boss and that you still have time to go upgrade and prepare before pressing on. It might seem like a hassle to keep going back but believe me it is worth it to keep Fenyx in top shape.

immortals fenyx rising

1. Experiment Freely

Despite the survivalist feeling you might get from Immortals Fenyx Rising due to its similarity to Breath of the Wild, it’s easy to feel like this is a game about being cautious and careful. The simple truth is that this game does not take itself too seriously, and neither should you. It’s absolutely pouring charm and wit at every turn, and the most important thing you can do is remember the game exists entirely to have fun. You don’t need to worry about crafting arrows for your bow, they regenerate on a cooldown (which can have an increased maximum through upgrades) and stamina regenerates at a fast enough rate in combat you can really explore your powers and see what works best for you (even if it didn’t, think of all those stamina potions you have!) The most important thing to remember is to try everything, do everything, and just have fun. Shoot those fly-by-wire Apollo Arrows because they are unlimited. Raise spears from the ground, smash enemies with an insanely oversized hammer, just go nuts and play in the moment. Immortals Fenyx Rising is at its best when you live in the moment and remember that it is bright and beautiful for a reason; because it’s all about having fun.

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