Hot Wheels Unleashed Video Review – A Nitro-Boost of Nostalgia

Hot Wheels Unleashed Video Review

Don’t Hot Wheels just transport you back to your childhood, regardless of when you grew up? The first video game of this popular franchise was released in 1984 and if you think about all of the changes in technology over that course of time, hell even since the last game was released 2 console generations ago, you know Hot Wheels Unleashed is going to be fresh, new and exciting! Hot Wheels Unleashed looks to bring out those memories, all that nostalgia and mix it with some good ol’ video game fun. So is that what Milestone was able to pull off here? Check out our video review below.

Here’s what the official Hot Wheels Unleashed website had to say about the game: “Get behind the wheel of the coolest, fastest and most legendary vehicles, with their own personality, driving style and levels of rarity. Discover all their unique attributes and how to use them to face every track and challenge. And with the Livery Editor make your ride a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of speed!” 

So Hot Wheels Unleashed seems to be exactly what fans were hoping for. Here’s a snippet from our review, “As soon you hit the iconic, orange track, you’ll be transported back to your youth. Tracks spiral through an array of mundane areas helping to anchor the game in real life. There’s a sublime sense of scale that instills a childlike wonder.” And if you wanted to read our full review you can find it right here.

Hot Wheels Unleashed

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