Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay in the Daunt

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

The long awaited Horizon Zero Dawn sequel from Guerrilla Games is finally here. This week, we have been rifling through as much Horizon Forbidden West gameplay as we can can. We have a recap of the first game, as well as some early gameplay and combat against some of the new machines. Today, we will be exploring the Daunt.

The opening to this scene shows Aloy travelling on the back of a Charger. She treks across dusty mountains, snowy hills, green plains and forests. On the way to the Embassy in Barren Light, she her progress is halted by a valley full of Bristlebacks.


Once we get control of Aloy, we can’t help but take a stroll down the paths and take in the scenery. After entering a nearby town called Chainscrape, Aloy is reunited with Petra, who players may remember from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Outside of Chainscrape, Aloy scales a mountain and approaches an old, abandoned watchtower. Using her Focus, she can spot paths useful for climbing and find footholds.

After she is done with the watchtower, Aloy find a group of Scroungers, a new machine to the game. Acid arrows are useful for weakening these beasts for a close combat follow-up. Either that or you can try to take them by surprise with a stealth attack.

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