Halo: Reach (PC) Video Review – Reaching For The Stars

Halo: Reach Video Review

Master Chief is no stranger to conflict and struggle. The Master Chief Collection was in a rough place when it launched, but thanks in part to the perseverance of the teams who worked on it, and a little bit of patience from eager fans, the games are in a much better place. Fans grew even more excited once word was coming that our favourite mean, green, Covenant shooting machine was making his way to the PC. While we only get Halo: Reach for now, it’s still worth checking out. You can find out why in our video review below.

Halo: Reach’s PC launch has been quite strong, thanks to the lessons that 343’s learned since the initial go-around when it first came out. Featuring both a full campaign with a strong story, and an incredibly robust multiplayer, the title alone almost spoils you for choice, despite it being part of a much bigger package. While the other components haven’t quite dropped our way, Halo: Reach is worth it on its own, thanks to just how refined of a product it is in its own right. Halo’s multiplayer is certainly one of its strong suits, and Halo: Reach puts an excellent offering on display thanks to a strong focus on supporting the player community. 343’s taken notes on what they did right and wrong, and so far, Halo: Reach is a whole lot of things being done right.

Halo Reach

Halo: Reach is the only title to grace us so far of the Master Chief Collection, but rest assured, it’s only going to get bigger and better with the rest of the titles soon to follow. If or some reason you just want to get Halo: Reach on its own, you’re able to via Xbox Game Pass or via Steam right now for the cool price of $10.99 CAD. You can also head on over to the official site for more details right here.