God of War PlayStation 4 Walkthrough Video – Part 4

God of War Walkthrough – Part 4

No doubt if you are reading this you’re either purchasing God of War later today or you realized you need to give your poor overworked console a break from your initial God of War marathon but simply can’t get enough. Whatever the case may be, we here at COGconnected have you covered with all things God of War! We’ve already feature three videos so far and now we have part four ready just for you, the viewer, to get you through any battle or puzzle that might stand in your way.

Without further adieu, check out our Part 4 Walkthrough of God of War below!

God of War is the latest entry in the iconic PlayStation exclusive franchise. A soft reboot, the Ghost of Sparta returns after having eliminated the Greek Pantheon. Set in a Norse realm, the game follows an older and wiser Kratos as he teaches his son Atreus to survive in the harsh environment before them. This game is a vast departure from the previous entries in the series, dropping the hack and slash combat in favor of skill based combat and an over the shoulder camera. The title also adopts a number of RPG elements such as upgrading stats, unlocking abilities, and changing your armor and weapon.

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The game is out now Exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more information, check out the game’s official website, and to see our video review and what we think of this epic, click here.