Prepare for Bloody Carnage in Our Gears 5 Arcade Gameplay

Gears 5 Arcade Tech Test Gameplay

It’s just about that time. Don that incredibly heavy armor, gas up the chainsaw on your gun, the Hive need to be stopped once and for all. Yes, Gears 5 is on its way and promises – albeit through some quite abstract trailers – to tell us a new story we hadn’t expected. To give us a taste of what is to come, The Coalition was kind enough to put out this Gears 5 Arcade mode test demo! Curious to see how we did? check out the gameplay footage below!

Gears 5 continues the story of humanities attempt to survive the seemingly never ending onslaught of the Hive. Players will take on the role of Kait Diaz as they explore the mysterious origins of the Locust and her family ties. The game will feature the classic third person, cover-heavy gameplay fans have come to expect from the Gears franchise alongside a few new features like the all new Escape mode in which players must activate bombs to blow deadly chemical reactors deep within a Hive nest and then survive the onslaught of enemy hordes while trying to escape the blast.

Gears 5


Will you be picking up Gears 5? What do you think of the Arcade demo and what we saw of the Escape mode at E3 earlier this year? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Gears 5 will be releasing exclusively on the Xbox One family of consoles on September 10. For more information, check the game’s official website.