Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain Video Review – Cerebral Squat Thrusts

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain Review

Often, the powers that be give gaming a bad rap. Mind-numbing violence, brain-melting lights; you know, the good stuff. However, sometimes we get games that try to be more; try to have a greater purpose. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain is one of those games.

In the similar vein as the Nintendo DS game Brain Age, Big Brain Academy challenges the mind and works out your brain muscles. There are a bunch of minigames to test your cognitive agility, many of which have a timed component. In some ways, this game is a blend of Brain Age and WarioWare.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

There are quite a few different minigames to play, such as winding a clock forward or backward a certain amount or to a certain time. Others have players popping numbered balloons from highest to lowest or vice versa. Though these simple tasks are made for and can be done by children, they can be scaled to a difficulty more suited to your age.

While the games seem basic, going toe to toe, or brain to brain with another player makes it a little more tense. You are able to face off against other players locally or against the best times of players around the world.

Since the minigames are so short, the game is meant for short play sessions. Sharpen your brain a bit, put it down, pick it up later. The Big Brain Academy games are also more focused on education and cognitive development than entertainment and gameplay. For example, adjusting the clock feels like more trouble than figuring out the right solution.

The “hardcore” gaming audience might want to give this game a pass. However, there are spaces such as classrooms and households with younger children, where Big Brain Academy: Brain vs Brain can shine best.

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