COG’s Best of 2016 Awards – Best Graphics, Most Emotional, Best Exclusives and Most Disappointing Games of 2016

COGconnected Best of 2016 Awards Episode 1

2016 was an amazing year. Not only in the world of gaming but for COGconnected as well. With an amazing crew and dedicated news team we have been able to cover more gaming related content than ever before. It was our best year yet and we could not do it with your support. So a big thank you to everyone who visits and supports us.

Like last year, we are back with our games of the year videocast series. In this series we cover everything from the best game of the year and the worst, to the most visually stunning and the best voice acting. We try to cover as much as possible including some serious WTF moments. So without further delay, welcome to our first episode of our five part series on the games of the year for 2016.

Trailers of the Year

In our first episode we tackle four categories and we start with the following:

  • The Prettiest Pony (the most visually stunning game of the year)
  • The Feels (best moment or sequence in a game)
  • The King of 1st Party (best exclusive)
  • C’mon Mannnnnn (biggest industry annoyance)

So sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy the banter as we embark on our journey to get to the single best game of the year.

In upcoming episodes we’ll cover categories including The Nolan Northy, The Worst Game of The Year and more so we hope you enjoy episode one and consider subscribing and following along on our journey. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below or over on YouTube.

In case you missed our sizzle reel of the games discussed during our best of 2016 videocast series, check it out here:

Be sure to check out episode two when we cover the following categories:

  • The Melodious (best soundtrack)
  • The Storyteller (best story)
  • The Nolan Northy (best performance)
  • The Saving Grace (biggest surprise)

Thanks for watching!