A Year of Rain is Shaping up to Be a RTS Juggernaut

A Year of Rain Preview

A Year of Rain is a fresh-faced, co-op RTS that puts a new, creative spin on the nostalgia of the classic games of the 90s. With a rich world that abandons typical fantasy gaming tropes and systems that feel smooth and comfortable, it’s already shaping up to be a sleeper-hit RTS that deserves your attention. To watch our gameplay impressions, hit play on the video below.

Those familiar with games like StarCraft will find themselves immediately comfortable with the HUD layout and general controls of A Year of Rain. The controls and easy-to-use HUD are where the similarities stop, however, but that is a good thing because A Year of Rain finds its own footing and identity in its ingenuity. The game is built as a 2 vs 2 experience at all times, whether those are human or CPU players. It may seem like an odd choice at first but once you go hands on it makes complete and total sense.

A Year of Rain

We went into A Year of Rain expecting a rather standard RTS experience and came out of it feeling refreshed and wanting more. As a game built around teamwork, full of ingenuity, and bringing new strategies to the genre, we can’t wait to uncover the story behind each of these factions and see how the community responds to the final product. This is a game accessible to both new and returning players of the RTS genre and for anyone who has felt sorely left out of a truly solid and fresh take on the high fantasy setting, A Year of Rain is set to challenge and delight.