Game of the Year 2017 Awards – Best Story or Writing

COGconnected’s Best of 2017 Awards – Story or Writing

Whether you are jumping from platform to platform, grinding for levels and loot, or simply shooting enemies in the face, if your game doesn’t have a story than its player base will lose interest fast. Games have grown up over the years, and we as an audience need more than flashy graphics to be entertained. A well written plot or compelling dialogue will do wonders for a game as it captivates our attention. Each individual word we encounter in a game carries weight, and how they are used will make or break the experience before us.

This year we have seen some of the most heartbreaking, the most inspiring, and the most thrilling stories in games. We learned what it takes to step up and save those we hold dear to us. We learned the terrifying pain and anguish of loss and mental illness – handled in a tactful and powerful way – and we learned what it means to stand up for what we believe in.

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While it was incredibly hard to narrow down the list to just a few this year, these are the games which told a story like no other, a story of compassion, pain, understanding, acceptance, and honor. These are the titles which – when completed – make you put down the controller and take a long pause, taking it all in and feeling like you have just been a part of something much bigger than yourself. Check out our video below to see which titles we felt were some of the best story tellers of 2017.

These are just some of the outstanding games to come out this year. Stay tuned for plenty more awards to come from COGconnected in our Game of the Year 2017 Awards, with features such as Prettiest Pony, the Nolan Northy, and Worst Game of the Year.

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