Game of the Year 2017 Awards – Most Stylish Game

COGconnected’s Best of 2017 Awards – Most Stylish Game

We have seen studios put out some of the most groundbreaking, heartbreaking, and controller-breaking games to ever grace our consoles this year. With titles that redefine a series, make us cry, or simply infuriate us to no end, it would do a dis-service to the phenomenal games that launched this year not to talk about just how stylish these games are presented to us, giving us that little extra memorability to cement the experience in our minds.

Being the most stylish game is not necessarily just about having immaculate detail and realism, but instead it’s about creating its own unique style otherwise not seen in games and delivering an experience that is without compare.

Cuphead Balloon Boss (1280x720)

We have been blessed with some truly innovative art styles this year, with perhaps one of the most notable games being Cuphead. This incredibly difficult platformer/bullet hell uses entirely hand drawn animations with a roaring 20’s aesthetic that is simply jaw dropping. Of course this doesn’t take anything away from the stunning visuals of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or titles like Persona 5 which are downright dripping with style and attitude. On the more realistic end of the spectrum we have Wolfenstein II, creating a hauntingly believable version of Nazi-occupied America and Horizon Zero Dawn, a game entirely in its own league. Let’s not forget Night in the Woods, a game with no comparison to its simple yet sharp presentation.

These and many more titles stood head and shoulders above the competition for their innovative and unique style, but only one can be called the best. Check out our video below and see who we named the Most Stylish Game of 2017.

We’ve got more Game of the Year Awards coming in hot, so stay tuned to see who earned top prize for Storyteller, Prettiest Pony, and How About That Sport’s Ball awards.

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