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ROCCAT Wireless Burst Pro Air Review

One of COGconnected’s highest scored mouse review is the ROCCAT Burst Pro Gaming Mouse. Our man, Alex Thomas, could not say enough good things about the mouse. He said, “Once again, ROCCAT set out to make a high-quality gaming accessory and they did just that. From the Phantomflex cable to the Owl-Eye sensor, and every other feature they included, I struggle to find anything at fault with this mouse.” Needless to say, after reading Alex’s review, I was pumped I would get the opportunity to check out ROCCAT’s Burst Pro Air.

Out of the box, the Burst Pro Air fires on all cylinders. I immediately tested the mouse on two laptops and connectivity was instant. It was impressively fast as both PCs recognized it right away. I loved how I didn’t need to charge the mouse out of the box either. So right away, I liked what I was seeing.

Not to mention, it sure is a pretty mouse. The Burst Pro Air I reviewed was white with light grey buttons. It features the trademark transparent “Bionic Shell” and is updated with additional LEDs making for a mouse that looks incredibly sharp from top to bottom. The LED light up the guts allowing you to see its inner honeycomb structure. It’s easily the nicest looking mouse I have reviewed in some time and even my wife commented on how eye-popping the mouse looks when lit up.

It’s a great feeling mouse as well. It’s not too light or heavy. It feels just right weighing in at 81g. Its lightweight is apparently due to ROCCAT’s unique water-and dust-resistant design. I should mention, that I did not drop the mouse in water and never rolled around with it in the dirt, so I’ll just have to take ROCCAT’s word that it’s water and dust resistant.

It is effortless to move around as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of surface you use either. It’s incredibly responsive on all surfaces and easy to maneuver. Even the rubber scroll wheel feels great and works exactly as it should.

Going back to a wired mouse would absolutely suck after using the Burst Pro Air’s wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. You can switch between 2.4GHz for gaming and Bluetooth for working away on your laptop. In all instances, the connection was strong and I didn’t get any random disconnects as I have with other wireless mice.

The mouse has over 100+ hours of battery life which is fantastic. Additionally, the USB-C rapid charging gives players up to five hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge. You can also play as you charge with the USB-C PhantomFlex cable.

The buttons on the mouse produce satisfying clicks. This is thanks to those Titan Optical Switches that provide a tactile and responsive click. The click itself is a tad loud. Granted, it isn’t nearly as loud as some of my other mice, which is great and but for the price I expected softer clicks

Obviously, wireless gaming mice cannot have any input lag issues. Everything needs to be absolutely precise and movements need to be fast. The Bust Pro Air delivered as advertised. I love how accurate it was and super responsive. I want my mouse to be precise and speedy; I got exactly that.

The price point; however, is a tad high. At the time of writing, the ROCCAT Burst Pro Air will cost you around $129cnd ($99usd). This is consistent with ROCCAT’s pricing for similar wireless mice. This is a decent price but it is certainly a little more than I am typically willing to spend on a mouse. You can find cheaper wireless gaming mice. That being said, if I had paid $130 for this mouse, I would not be disappointed at all.

The ROCCAT Burt Pro Air delivers a comfortable, fast and reliable wireless experience. It rivals as one of the best mice I have used to date. Rest assured you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take the plunge and pick one up. Everything from its slick-looking comfortable ergonomic feel to its exceptional precision, the Burst Pro Air stands as a sound investment for anyone looking to seriously upgrade their mouse game.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this review***

The Good

  • Slick looking
  • Comfortable
  • Responsive
  • Precise
  • Battery life

The Bad


  • Could use side grips
  • Loud clicks