LucidSound LS15X Wireless Headset Review – Solid, Dependable Sound

LucidSound LS15X Wireless Headset Review

As someone who uses headphones more or less constantly, I should be well-versed in their critical analysis. I’m absolutely not! More accurately, I lack the expert vocabulary to really convey what works or doesn’t work about any given set of headphones. Gear reviews from yours truly all have a certain flair to them, a kind of ‘user score’ vibe. With that said, I feel pretty good about endorsing LucidSound’s LS15X wireless headphones. Let’s break down the reasons why in a bit more detail.

Solid Sound Investment

While I rarely dig into online multiplayer gaming, I know that a decent headset mic is important. The LS15X has, if nothing else, terrific pickup for a headset mic. Even without the proper mic extension plugged in, you can hear the difference. Out of curiosity, I tested the mic with a little voiceover test on Audacity. I wouldn’t recommend guest-starring on a podcast with this bad boy, but otherwise, it’s great! You’ll come through loud and clear. On the other side of the chat coin, there’s a dial built into the right ear that lets you adjust the game/chat volume balance. In fact, everything is built into the headset itself.

LucidSound LS15X Wireless Headset

Need to mute the audio for a moment? Press the left ear! You can adjust the volume by turning that same button as a dial, or switch between a handful of EQ settings with a button on the bottom. It’s all very convenient, although the available EQ settings are somewhat limited. You can also unplug the mic extension if, for example, you never (ever!) use it. Like, if playing games online opens a rusted portal into humanity’s darkest impulses or something like that.

LucidSound LS15X Wireless Headset

Since this is a wireless headset, you’re now enslaved by yet another battery and its bottomless appetite for power. But worry not! I’ve so far charged the headset a single time in the span of a week. A good sign for any headset like this is that you can’t exactly remember when you plugged it in last. So the battery life is pretty good! Furthermore, the headphones are light enough you scarcely realize you’re wearing them at all. Which is awesome, but it means the materials and construction feel very mid-range. In particular, the pieces that connect the headband to the ears seem like potential fault lines for future hardware issues.

Looks Good, Feels Good, Sounds Good

For me, the true test of any headset comes with the game audio. The LS15X sports a pretty respectable surround sound system. This is essential for things like FPS titles and horror games, but otherwise you don’t really notice it. Although the latest generation of consoles has made great strides in sound design. If you’re lucky enough to have a Series X for example, you can really put a headset like this through its paces. Beyond the surround sound, everything comes through loud and clear. Just don’t forget to mute the mic, or else its remarkable pickup will have you catching all sorts of ambient noise.

Here’s the tricky part. I’m not blown away by the audio quality, but it’s hard to articulate why. Music and game audio comes through clear, but unremarkable. The construction is light and reliable, but in a worrisome way. The actual mic is just here to do a job and clock out, no overtime or anything. To that end, I still recommend the headset. You can get it in colors that match your Xbox controller, and LucidSound also has stands for both of those things. If nothing else, it all sits quite nicely in your living room. This won’t be the very best set of headphones you own, but the cost actually reflects this, which is great! If you’re looking for a reliable mid-range wireless headset for your Xbox, LucidSound’s LS15X is a dang decent choice.

***The product was provided by the manufacturer***

The Good

  • Great audio quality
  • Good battery life
  • Decent headset mic

The Bad

  • Construction is almost too light
  • Limited EQ settings
  • Surround sound didn’t stand out