Curse Voice Review – A Free and Fully Integrated PC Gaming Chat System

Curse, and its many app extensions, hold a place dear in my heart. I was once a dedicated spelunker in the World Of Warcraft, and as such, I used Curse in several capacities for my adventuring needs. Curse Voice is the team’s latest development, allowing gamers to import their friend’s list from a number of social networks. At this point the chat platform is primarily available for a small number of games, but this is because it is built to support the user very heavily while playing said games.


“It simply feels like an extension of the game your playing.”

The big benefit to using Curse Voice lies in its in-game interface. This interface is referred to as the overlay, and it makes changing details such as volume and other elements easy to do on the fly. The overlay adjusts according to the game you are playing, as it offers unique features that you can edit in tandem with the specific title you are playing. It sits in your game’s HUD without causing any issues, and it makes managing your gaming experience with your team that much stronger as it doesn’t feel like your managing multiple applications. It simply feels like an extension of the game your playing.

Curse voice is currently free, and installing it takes only a couple of minutes. I should note it is not currently available on Macintosh; however, it is coming soon. When installation is complete it searches your PC to locate other platforms and applications that it is compatible with. When experimenting with this program during my time with it I noticed that Curse Voice allows you to automatically begin a chat session when people on your friends list are online playing the same game as you while using Curse Voice. This makes the process of playing together that much smoother; it just skips a step and helps to kick off the gaming marathons.

Building on top of this, one will likely want to break their chat off into a private group session for serious strategizing sessions, or just goofing off. When you first enter a game with Curse Voice loaded on, you can begin a new session and send players a private URL to copy and send to other friends allowing them to branch off into a private session. During my time with Curse Voice I rarely had any connection related issues. Conversations held up strong and I found the whole process of chatting with friends to be painless. In short, the game overlay was really helpful as a convenient gaming tool. For me, this is really the main selling point, convenience and simplicity, except the program is free, so what is there to sell. The integration into multiplayer gaming is so smooth it’s hard to imagine using an alternative communication tool for gaming now.


“The integration into multiplayer gaming is so smooth it’s hard to imagine using an alternative communication tool for gaming now.”

At this point in time, Curse Voice Chat is fully integrated into a small number of games, but it is growing and changing rapidly. The games it does work for are some of the most popular titles, such as Minecraft, League of Legends and SMITE. I can respect that they are intending to offer quality over quantity, and it shows. Considering this chat program is free, this is a must-have for any avid gamers who are interested in any of the titles Curse Voice supports.

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