Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Supremacy Review – Welcome to the Party Bubba Ho-Tep

This round of Call of Duty downloadable content feels a little different. Maybe it’s the presence of the inimitable Bruce Campbell or perhaps it’s the superb remake of Modern Warfare 2’s Highrise map, but the content is fresh enough to show Sledgehammer games didn’t ‘mail it in’ in this latest DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Featuring four new multiplayer maps, a new Exo Zombies adventure, and the Exo Grapple gameplay with the four new maps, “Supremacy” feels worthy of its $14.99 tag. I’m not convinced the same can be said for the other two Advance Warfare DLC offerings which came across as somewhat mediocre and really more of the same. Even without a new weapon or gimmicky horror character, Supremacy is a strong DLC offering which should not only make all the dude bros happy but also those who may have packed the game away for the season.


“Sure the story is hokey and scores a perfect ten in the cheese department, but the addition of Bruce Campbell (who perfectly suits all tings cheesey) is fantastic.”

Once again the Exo Zombie mode is the star of the show and the new Zombie map “Carrier” is rock solid. Sure the story is hokey and scores a perfect ten in the cheese department, but the addition of Bruce Campbell (who perfectly suits all tings cheesey) is fantastic. Throw in John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthal, and you have yourself some star studded power behind this batch of DLC. The characters are only good for a few one-liners here and there, but the story itself takes somewhat of a drastic turn which I didn’t expect at all. But really, you aren’t playing this mode for the story, it’s all about slaughtering the zombies and staying alive, round by round.

Aside from the slick opening cut scene, “Carrier” includes a host of new weaponry, enemy Atlas Strike teams, Sentinel Task Force support squads, and a glut of new zombie enemies to fend off. As you progress you are introduced to zombies that have exoskeleton powers, just as you were in the previous DLC offerings. By round 10 it is absolute chaos and a blast. While the new Exo Zombie map will satisfy that addictive thirst for zombie killing, the four new DLC multiplayer maps should give all those CoD diehards more reason to rank up and continue Prestige’ing until the final batch of DLC touches down.

The first map, “Parliament” takes place on a military cargo ship on the River Thames. It features a stunning view of the London cityscape but is yet another one of those obligatory Call of Duty maps that takes place on a cargo ship. Much like other Advance Warfare multiplayer maps there are mixed site lines where there are opportunities for snipers to peg you off and enough close quarter combat for all those who love their shotguns.

“Compound” is a fast paced high speed map that takes place in an Atlas training facility hidden away in the Colorado wilderness. The kill counts are high and in spurts the matches can be enjoyable. Yet there is really nothing particularly special about this map. It certainly doesn’t hold the appeal Nuke Town does. I view this map as more of the filler of the bunch.

Easily the most enjoyable map, rich in detail is “Kremlin”. It’s a unique map that has an old school Call of Duty vibe to it. A word of caution, you will want to use your long range weaponry for this one. There are long sightlines and even a minefield that activates mid-match. Given I am not a proficient sniper, I struggled in this map but that didn’t take anything away from this beauty.

Last but not least is “Skyrise”, which is based on the Modern Warfare 2 map, “Highrise”. This map takes place atop an Atlas Skyscraper overlooking the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Sure this one is a re-tread but the exo abilities makes this map feel new all over again and it’s crazy! With multiple levels and frantic action “Skyrise” is sure to be a fan favorite. If you don’t have full command of your exo suits abilities you better practice up, as those that leaped about dominated this map.

The Call of Duty downloadable content season is rounding third and heading home as we inch closer to Black Ops 3’s release date. Supremacy won’t blow the fan base away and many may be a little miffed they didn’t get a new weapon this time around. At its core “Supremacy” is more of the same but its attention to detail has not gone unnoticed, the new maps succeed and the addition of Bruce Campbell is a treat.

***An Xbox One DLC code was provided by the Publisher***


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