BurgerTime Party! Review – Old-School Classic Brings a Fresh New Sizzle

BurgerTime Party! Review

BurgerTime Party! is a great arcade game perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. It brings back nostalgic feelings of the older releases for some, while it creates new memories for others. With Peter Pepper leading the way once again, we dive into the world of burger-making, platforming puzzles, and edible food enemies that try to stop you from reaching your goal. Despite some imperfections, the simple gameplay of BurgerTime Party! is capable of providing fun for up to four local players, and is great for all ages and skill levels to pick up and play.

The objective of the game is simple and hasn’t changed – create burgers by walking on top of the ingredients while avoiding sentient enemy foods. There are platforms and ladders with burger ingredients everywhere, and you must climb up and down and outrun the evil hot dogs to assemble the perfect burger. Along with its catchy, whimsical tunes and bright colour palette, BurgerTime Party! brings a nice modernized look to an old classic. But no matter the appearance it takes, it still provides the same friendly competition for children and adults alike.

Happy Meal

The controls are easy and the learning curve is small, making this the perfect game for all ages and skill levels. There are only a few buttons to remember: the analog stick for movement, face buttons for spraying pepper at enemies, and R for helping your teammates get back up (for multiplayer only). Each level gets progressively more exciting as new items and enemies are introduced, but luckily your objective and controls remain the same. BurgerTime Party! provides a pleasant challenge that presents attainable goals, but still prompts you to try harder as it gets more difficult to achieve a 3 out of 3-star rating after each level.

burgertime party!

You can play BurgerTime Party! as a single player, or with up to four people at a time. Of course, the solo experience is recommended to start as it teaches you the ropes and gives you an opportunity to learn the game from step 1. Playing as a single-player also allows you to unlock multiplayer stages, which you will need if you plan to play this game with more than one person later on.

In terms of multiplayer modes, there are quite a number of different ways you can play with your friends. The game takes into account all the possibilities people might want to have – either playing as a team, playing as opposing teams, or working together to achieve high scores online. This means you can all be Peter Pepper running away from enemy foods, or you can become the enemy food and chase your Peter Pepper friends. BurgerTime Party! offers flexibility through its multiple modes of play, satisfying different groups of people through the same game.

This Grill Gets Hot

While easy to learn, the game can become extremely hectic really quickly. With all that is happening around you, it can be frustrating when you enter a more complex level and everything looks very small on your screen. This is because one entire level fits into one screen, making it difficult to navigate even on your average television. While the game is suitable for a handheld, it is not recommended for when playing levels with stages this detailed. The animation also feels rough at parts of the game, which is noticeable by closely watching the way your character interacts with the platforms and ladders. Sometimes, the screen gets crowded with multiple people, and often I got mixed up keeping track of who I was playing as. In these situations, there really is no strategy involved – just try your best to know where you’re going and create a burger successfully.

All in all, BurgerTime Party! is a delightful take on an older classic, with catchy music and funny sound effects that are perfect for those who enjoy simple platformers. The visual direction chosen for this new version makes it easier to introduce to friends today because of its fresh new look, but it also loses some of its old-school arcade charm. However, as its own game BurgerTime Party! provides a fun experience for up to four people (not including the spectators watching the players fail). Most importantly, BurgerTime Party! transforms a classic into a game for today’s generation, bringing family-friendly competition into our homes once more.

** A Switch game code was provided by the publisher **

The Good

  • Fun multiplayer modes
  • Great for parties
  • Easy to learn for all ages
  • Catchy and cheerful background music

The Bad

  • Animation has some rough spots
  • Some levels not optimized for small screens