Cel Story Will Launch in January for Nintendo Game Boy

Enjoy the retro experience of Cel Story

Bitmap Soft, the retro-indie games publisher, and its subsidiary Phoenix Ware have announced that Cel Story is coming to Game Boy on 6 January. The game will be available on the official store of Phoenix Ware for a price of £45.00. Moreover, you can pre-order it right now to get your copy when it finally releases.

Additionally, the game will be compatible with the original Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, as well as Analogue Pocket. It will come with a cartridge, a case, a box, and an instruction outlet.

Cel Story

Cel Story is a transformative tale about a stranded hero on a mysterious planet. He suffers from memory loss and even his spaceship got damaged because of the crash-landing. Now, to repair the ship, he must explore the unknown landscape and remnants of an ancient civilization. All the while reconstructing fragments of their past.

In the pursuit of essential ship components, an enigmatic guide provides mysterious insights, initiating a self-discovery expedition. The task of repairing the ship transforms into a quest to uncover memories and discern the mission’s purpose.

While confronting hostile creatures and unraveling ancient puzzles, the hero urgently strives to flee the planet, discovering long-buried truths from their history. Each repaired system not only propels them towards survival but also reveals facets of their enigmatic past.