Avengers: Infinity War Review – The Greatest Superhero Mash-up Yet

As Spoiler Free as it Gets

Back in 2008, I sat down in theatres with my then girlfriend and was excited, albeit skeptical, to watch Iron Man. It was the official launch of Marvel Studios and a huge gamble was taken to deliver something that comic fans wanted by the company itself, not some other film studio with their takes on characters. Now it’s ten years and 18 films later and we’ve come to the culmination of what started all of this. With Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel is not just putting a definitive stamp on its own brand, but it’s proving to everyone who tried to mimic them that the plan they had from the get-go was the right play.

Personally, I’ve been anxiously awaiting this movie since the first and fifth time I watched Iron Man in theatres. With that much anticipation behind it, could it even be possible to live up to these sky-high expectations? It didn’t even bother to try to meet my expectations as it shattered them into a million pieces and delivered the coup de grace for Marvel Studios.

The Mad Titan Thanos is on the hunt for the Infinity Stones to impose his will on the universe. The only thing standing between him and ultimate power is the Avengers – it’s time for war.

avengers infinity war

The Infinity Gauntlet comic book arc is one of legend, so it was no surprise when it was made clear to be the backbone of the ongoing MCU. To finally come to the fruition of 10 years of work and to see the mighty Infinity Gauntlet affixed it’s tyrannical wielder’s fist was already well worth the price of admission. What concerned me going in was to find another Age of Ultron misfire where they seemed to struggle with who would get screen time when. The Avengers team has grown ever larger since then, so to balance all of those characters seemed like a daunting task and one that concerned me.

10 Years in the Making

Avengers Infinity War takes an interesting choice, basing the story of Stone gathering around Thanos, making him the center of the tale, even as the mighty group of Avengers works against him. While our heroes are very much a focal point for their biggest movie yet, Thanos himself drives the story forward, even being the emotional heart of the film while still being an absolute monster.

It’s hard to give a spoiler-free review to a film that talks about requires an infinite number of spoilers. I will keep this brief and as vague as possible. All of our heroes are here and are in the finest form. Each part of the Avengers has their role to play and no one is left out. There are even some surprise appearances that I wasn’t expecting! Of course, everyone is expecting character deaths, chomping at the bit to find out who. Obviously, I won’t go down this rabbit hole, but this movie keeps you guessing the entire time as it pulls you on a roller coaster ride. The villains are menacing and our heroes need to pull together to fight them, like a good Avengers film needs. For a film that had a runtime of 2.5 hours, I could have easily watched this play out for another hour before I even began to feel its length. It hardly felt like 45 minutes and we were already wrapping the movie up.

I’ll cut to the chase – if you’re an Avengers fan, you’re obviously going to see this. We didn’t spend ten years building towards Infinity War to sleep on its release. If you’re on the fence about seeing it, don’t be. This movie is the biggest, boldest, and all-out bonanza that the MCU has yet to put out. I’d even venture to say it’s the most ambitious superhero film yet and it does not disappoint. With set piece after set piece keeping the audience engaged, Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t shy away from shocking you time and time again.

Get to this one before someone spoils it for you. You won’t be disappointed.


The Good

  • The greatest superhero mash-up yet
  • An absolute roller coaster ride
  • No disappointments

The Bad

  • Makes you wish DC could get their stuff together