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Aaero: Complete Edition Review

Aaero is the kind of rhythm game anyone can pick up and play with any console, because you don’t need to memorize the face of the controller to play. You are in charge of piloting a ship and all you need to know are three controls: the two analog sticks – one for tracing a string of lights and one to target-lock enemies – and one button to shoot. But wait, what is this about targeting and shooting enemies? Isn’t Aaero a rhythm game? And that it is, but it is also so much more.

Offers a Unique Challenge

Despite only having three buttons to worry about, Aaero proves to be challenging in a good way. While there is a learning curve, at the same time the controls are so remarkably simple it mainly becomes a matter of training, keeping up with the visuals, and experience. The style of the game is unique through the usage of analog sticks instead of action buttons, making it more about timing your twists and turns rather than pressing the right combination of buttons. In addition to this, you also have to coordinate yourself to target and blast enemies to protect your ship from destruction (which leads to the abrupt end and failure of a song).

You start the game off with normal difficulty with one song, and your performance is scored numerically and rewarded with stars. Within each song, you get three shields that are used to protect yourself from enemy attacks. The number of stars you earn are dependent on how well you performed and are used to unlock songs and difficulty levels. This means the more stars you have, the more tracks you can unlock. If you are impatient and want to play all the songs immediately, you can opt for the “Chill” mode where all the songs are made available and you get an infinite number of shields. You don’t get to keep a record of your high scores and you don’t get stars for playing in this mode, but it is perfect for if you want to try out a song, or even for practicing and playing the entirety of a difficult track without the consequence of it ending halfway.

All the songs in Aaero are of the electronic dance music (EDM) genre, meaning it may not be for everyone. But for those who enjoy listening to EDM or are willing to listen to it, this soundtrack will blow your mind. Even if this genre of music may not be to your liking, there are some softer melodies that may surprise your tastebuds.

Aaero top screen

With the Complete Edition, you get the ability to change the look of your ship as well as an additional six songs in your library. These six songs are immediately available without the need to unlock them with stars, so you can actually play them to boost up your star count. The songs, like the original 15, are also EDM and sound just as catchy.

Aaero is a small and simple game but it sure packs a punch. With stunning visuals, responsive buttons, and remarkable EDM tunes, Aaero truly delivers a fantastic experience that incorporates music with rail-shooting action.

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The Good

  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Striking visuals
  • Simple controls can be learned quickly

The Bad

  • EDM may not be for everyone