Outlaws of the Old West is a Super Badass Survival Sandbox

Outlaws of the Old West Preview

Game developer Virtual Basement has done it again, following up their smash hit survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, with Outlaws of the Old West. Currently, an Early Access title, the western-themed survival game has hit the ground running with this exciting, clever take on open-world, sandbox survival.

You are placed directly from creating your character into a coffin in a random location with nothing on you but your long johns. From there, you have to pick up rocks, sticks, and anything you can find to craft rudimentary tools. Much like its predecessors, in Outlaws of the Old West, you must evolve yourself from pantsless Nobody to a great and powerful cowboy in this authenticly Western landscape.

Outlaws of the Old West has both single player and multiplayer game modes. I began with Single Player, which was a great way to learn the lay of the land. I spent a lot of time running around and checking the landscape. I managed to punch a few badgers to death and gathered my way to prosperity.

Community Matters

Once I had that down, I was able to slip into multiplayer with ease. As I was looking through servers I had a giddy fit when I noticed RP servers, so I went straight for that RP-PVP experience that I so desperately wanted. I tried a few different servers out and eventually landed on one for a group of RPers that travels between multiple games and they were really nice and showed me the lay of the land, literally and figuratively. So far, the community seems really nice!

When I looked into hosting my own server, I found that it was a product that was purchasable through steam. An Outlaws of the Old West server costs about $1.04 per player slot and the minimum number of slots you can purchase is 20 slots, coming out to $20.80 per month. It is a subscription plan only.

outlaws of the old west

The UI is so clean, with clear depictions of your current health status and temperature in the upper right-hand corner. Aside from the UI, these landscapes are STUNNING. Set in the American Southwest, there are plateaus, mountains, huge lakes, and massive deserts with Joshua Trees everywhere!

This game is early access, so there is much still being ironed out, but if the Steam community news is to be believed, Virtual Basement is releasing patches for this game almost daily to fix things that come up and they’re doing it quickly. As an Ark: Survival Evolved early adopter I think there is so much potential here. I’m excited to see where this game goes.

*** A code was provided for preview purposes ***