Bionik’s Lineup of Accessories for Switch, PSVR and Xbox One is Pretty Impressive

E3 2017: Bionik Accessories Preview

This year at E3, I had the opportunity to go hands-on with an assortment of accessories from Bionik for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation VR, and Xbox One. Some of the accessories have already been released, while the remainder will be available before the end of 2017. The great thing about 3rd party accessories is that they usually cost less than 1st party accessories – which translates to more money spent on actual games! Let’s take a look at Bionik’s range of accessories by starting off with the Nintendo Switch accessories.

The Nintendo Switch is steadily making its way into many gamer’s homes, and with that, the need for accessories to enhance the gaming experience. The first accessory I was shown was the Power Plate. The Power Plate replaces the Joy Con Grip and provides a means of providing portable power for both the Switch console and Joy Con’s. The Power Plate includes an LCD screen that indicates when it’s charging and how much charge is remaining. For more information, be sure to check out our previous coverage here. The Power Plate will be available this fall.

Bionik accessories

The second Nintendo Switch accessory that I saw was the Tetra Power. This sweet looking device can charge four separate Joy Cons simultaneously. It has a handy cable management system underneath that’ll ensure you don’t have an unnecessary amount of cord showing. And of course, it features LED lights that’ll let you know when the Joy Con’s are ready for action. This slick looking device will look nice on any gamer’s shelf or coffee table. The Tetra Power accessory will be available this fall.

Bionik accessories

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