Top 5 Video Games Arriving in August 2020

Tell Me Why – PC, X1 – August 27

Tell Me Why is an upcoming adventure title from Dontnod Entertainment, of Life is Strange and Vampyr fame. Like its previous titles of Life is Strange, Life is Strange 2, and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Tell Me Why is a narrative driven adventure game driven by strong characters and interpersonal relationships. The first of three episodes releasing in 2020 comes this month. The game follows a set of twins who return to their childhood home to come to terms with events from their childhood. One of the twins, Tyler, has transitioned to male since childhood, and players’ choices in the game will impact the game’s outcomes as Dontnod titles often do.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – PC – August 18

Microsoft Flight Simulator is the next major entry in the series, and is also known as Flight Simulator 2020. The title will simulate the entire Earth thanks to data from Bing Maps, and from what we have seen so far, it does a great job in doing so. In addition to simply simulating the planet, the game will also feature animals, vehicles, realistic water, grass, and trees. On paper, the scope of the game seems enormously magnificent, and we are here for that. Though travel may be out of the question for the near future, it won’t be long to get into a plane if you have any interest in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Wasteland 3 – PC, PS4, X1 – August 28

Last but not least is perhaps the biggest new release of the month in Wasteland 3. Developed by inXile Entertainment who were also (relatively) recently been acquired by Xbox Game Studios, Wasteland 3 is the latest title in the RPG franchise, taking players to a post-apocalyptic Colorado. The new title takes the classic gameplay of the franchise and combines it with contemporary graphics and features. While the franchise has been undoubtedly hard to get into in the past due to barriers of entry such as a lack of tutorial modes, Wasteland 3 looks to combat these issues. While I personally had a hard time understanding how to do things in Wasteland 2, going hands on with Wasteland 3 for a preview was surprisingly intuitive and easy. The increased budget from the acquisition have undoubtedly been put to good use with improved graphics, gameplay, accessibility, and more. While the game has had its fair share of delays in the past, it finally appears to be releasing.

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