Top Upcoming Games for Xbox As of March 2023

Forza Motorsport – 2023

Say what you want about Xbox Game Studios, but the Forza series from Turn 10 Studios/Playground Games is always a top-notch experience. With Turn 10 Studios taking the reigns with the currently unnumbered Forza Motorsport game, we do not doubt that the series will be receiving another exhilarating experience. While the Forza Horizons line takes place in an open world, the Forza Motorsport line takes a more traditional approach with track-based races, and we cannot wait to see more from this title.

Alan Wake II – 2023

It has been a long 13 years, but the cult classic title of Alan Wake is finally receiving a proper sequel. The horror survival series has long been dormant, with fans constantly clamoring for more. Most recently, the character of Alan Wake was featured in a DLC for Control. With the shared universe continuing to grow, we cannot wait to see what Remedy Entertainment has in store for us as well as for Mr. Wake.

Starfield – Sep 6

Likely the biggest Xbox-exclusive game in years, Starfield is finally set to launch in September. Developed by Bethesda, Starfield has lofty expectations to live up to, and we hope that it launches and lands successfully later this year. A space-exploration game from the makers of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout sounds great on paper, but the execution is likely harder than it sounds. That said, we genuinely hope the game is everything gamers expect it to be and helps to push the medium forward.