The Top 8 Mega Man Robot Masters

The Top 8 Mega Man Robot Masters

In honor of the recent release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 let’s take a look at the greatest Robot Masters from Mega Man 1-10. We’re looking for the best of the best here and in true Mega Man fashion, only eight will be selected. Since the Robot Masters over the years can be separated into eight roughly distinctive categories of abilities, only one from each will be picked. Here we with go with the ultimate Robot Masters!

Mega Man Robot Masters TOP SCREEN

Space/Time: Galaxy Man

Of all the robot masters of time and/or space, Galaxy Man takes the top spot. He may look a little goofy, but he makes up for it where it counts, having the most badass weapon a space lord could ever hope to wield, a black hole gun! While that alone should be enough to get him on any list, having a pretty good level doesn’t hurt either. If anyone has some mini-yellow devils as grunts in their stage, you know right then and there they aren’t to be messed with.

Mega Man Robot Masters Galaxy Man

Fire: Fire Man

When it comes to the fire based robot masters it’s hard to really separate them. They all pretty much do the same thing; fling burning waves of death. It’s hard to pass up the original though. His flame waves are punishingly brutal and definitely bring a tough encounter. It was a difficult call over Heat Man, who gave Mega Man the first real charge shot, but he looks like a Zippo shaped GoBot, so Fire Man gets the nod instead.

Mega Man Robot Masters Fire Man


Explosives: Napalm Man

Explosives is a fun category. It always felt like there should be more military based robot masters if Dr. Wiley really wanted to take care of Mega Man and I don’t mean one a game, more like, all of them. With design features that include tank tracks and a jet engine stuck in his head, Napalm Man is one of the coolest looking masters, even if it doesn’t really make a ton of sense. Who cares if his weapon is a bit terrible in Mega Man’s hands, he puts up a great show of force while facing off with our hero. When it comes to explosives I’m going with bigger being better and Napalm wins out over grenades or just plain old commandos.

Mega Man Robot Masters Napalm Man