Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited for Spider-Man on PS4

Spider-Man on PS4 is going to be good… really, really good

Should you be excited for Insomniac’s take on everyone’s favorite web slinger? In a word, yes. In more than just one word, how about a top 5!? We got an extended look at Spider-Man in a behind closed doors session at E3 2017 and left the room even more excited than when we entered. We honestly didn’t think that was possible. We were pretty damn excited. Sitting down with a couple members of Insomniac’s dev team they gave us a guided playthrough of the demo shown at the E3 2017 Sony Press Conference and answered a bunch of our questions. Some questions, like who are the guest appearances, will we play as Peter, are there sidequests were left unanswered followed by a strong, “We can’t say right now *wink wink*”, but regardless, we still got a lot out of them to talk about!


5 – Combat is Rocksteady Meets Web-Slinging

Hey, are you a fan of Rocksteady’s Arkham series? Are you? If you are, you’ll be in love with the combat in Spider-Man. It’s much faster than we’ve seen from ole Bats, but it’s just as fluid and just as intuitive. Being able to see the button pushes, the spidey-sense tingling and the swift movement showed us that those who were worried about Spidey being all quick time focused have nothing to worry about. There were killer perch takedowns and web strike takedowns that all felt very familiar but in a different superhero’s costume. Add in a crazy amount of environmental takedowns, more options for traversal and some inventive ways to make sure Spider-Man maintains his ‘no kill’ morals and you’re left with one of the most robust sets of mechanics we’ve seen in a game of this nature.

Spider-Man PS4 Top Screen 1

4 – Narrative Sounds Strong and Completely Unique

One of the first things that was pointed out to us was that Insomniac had complete freedom when it came to the narrative direction of Spider-Man. Obviously, the folks at Marvel kept a close eye on their characters being treated in a way they agreed with but they also allowed Insomniac to stray away from the overall Marvel Universe. The story being told in Spider-Man is not official Marvel canon. This allows for a fully self-contained story that has room to play which essentially allows the writers to get creative without being hamstrung.

Spider-Man PS4 Screen 2