5 Reasons Why Monster Hunter World Is Going to Be Amazing

5 Reasons Monster Hunter World Will Be Great

Monster Hunter World is the upcoming game in the Monster Hunter franchise that will be representing the fifth generation in the series. Given that the previous generation’s games were Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS back in 2015 and 2016, Monster Hunter World is gradually becoming a big deal with a handful of entirely new features to the franchise. We take a look at the new perks we know so far in this installment to give you the top 5 reasons why you should be super hyped for Monster Hunter World.

1. It’ll Be a Completely Brand New Game in the Franchise

By introducing the new fifth generation in the series, Monster Hunter World will continue its classic formula on monster hunting, but revamp many aspects to be loved by returning fans, as well as the new wave of players that want to jump into the series. Unlike installments like Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that were set and based off previous games in the same generation, Monster Hunter World is the first step into the next generation and will seemingly set new heights, mechanics, and possibilities for future Monster Hunter games.

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2. No Loading Screens Between Zones

We live in a day and age where loading screens are a core problem affecting our attention span, appreciation for the content that comes after it, and overall smooth experience. With previous Monster Hunter games, loading screens were basically the doors between zones that we would have to briefly wait through. However, Monster Hunter World completely throws away loading screens allowing for a seamless entry and exit between zones. It’s truly an open world where time can be efficiently put towards intense fights with monsters instead of loading screens.