Top 10 Wii U Virtual Console Games Under $15 Bucks

Top 10 Wii U Virtual Console Games Under $15 Bucks

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a Wii U until I saw the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker bundle – a game I adored as a child. My heart stopped for a few seconds and before I knew it I had ordered one of them online and was having it delivered in the next few days. Sure, I played the hell out of that game and replayed the hell out of it just to see Link rockin’ those jim jams, but I never got round to my third play-through due to knowing the entire game back-to-front and loosing that fantastical adventuring feeling.

What else could I do? I asked myself. There wasn’t any other games for the Wii U that interested me, so I left the poor box to gather dust on my shelf. It stayed there until I found out about the Virtual Console system. It allowed the users to buy older games that ranged from the SNES days all the way to the DS and was getting updated pretty frequently. I saw games that I had never got round to playing and, finally, I had a reason to boot up my Zelda-machine.

With over two-hundred and fifty games to sort through, I have listed below my top ten of the games that are up for grabs as of time of writing. All of which are under $15 bucks and offer hours upon hours of enjoyment – a brilliant deal for anyone looking to pad out their time until Steam’s next sale.

Mega Man Battle Network Series

Battle Network is a series that is detached from the original Mega Man side-scrolling games, choosing instead to focus around the animated TV series. In this you play as both Lan, a school student with a talent for net-battling, and his cyber personality Mega Man. Together you must scour the net to keep it safe from the various viruses that skulk around. The combat is real-time strategy and revolves around dodging, and activating certain abilities at the correct time whilst still avoiding enemy attacks. The bulk of the combat revolves around an addictive card collecting system also which allows you to spice up your abilities and tailor your combat experience for each battle.

In my opinion, the game peaked at Battle Network 3 and has just been rehashing the same content ever since, adding only slight changes with every new installation. That being said, the games aren’t bad, not at all. Each one is a blast to play through and provides hours of fun, but don’t expect anything to shake up their tried-and-true formula.

Wii U Virtual Console

Golden Sun 1/2

The Golden Sun series has had a cult following for years now, but hasn’t been receiving any love since the third instalment on the DS was a bit of a flop. The original tells the tale of Isaac and his friends as they have to travel the world in order to stop the potentially cataclysmic powers of alchemy from being released unto the world.

This game and its sequel are everything that is right about RPG’s; exploration, story, enjoyable combat, memorable characters, and a huge world rich in backstory. Each game is easily thirty hours long, or maybe longer depending on how much you enjoy exploring, and is very much worth the price tag.

Wii U Virtual Console

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is the original farming simulator and destroyer of countless social lives over the years, and even now the oldest version of the game is still worth your time. You play as a young boy who is put in charge of maintaining his father’s farm whilst he is away. The main objective of this game, and all others like it, is to maintain the farm and prosper; earn a living, repair the farm, start a family, all that good stuff. To do so efficiently you must keep tabs on the weather, what crops to grow depending on the season, and even the time of day.

With the ‘just one more day’ type of thinking in full swing here, it is easy to see how a quick session before bed can leave you wide awake at three in the morning wondering how you lost control of your life.

Wii U Virtual Console

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